Asterix e i Belgi PDF

French: Astérix chez les Belges, lit. It is noted as the last Asterix story from Goscinny, who died during asterix e i Belgi PDF production. Chief Vitalstatistix is aghast at the idea that his village, which has been the terror of the Romans for years, is now looked upon as relatively harmless. He is further outraged when he hears of Caesar’s remarks.

Författare: Albert Uderzo.

He claims that his villagers are in fact the bravest men of Gaul, and travels to Belgium to prove his point. To prove that the Gauls are the bravest, Vitalstatistix proposes a competition. The contest consists of raiding and destroying Roman camps on either side of the village. The Belgians and Gauls destroy the camps, telling the soldiers who they are.