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This article needs additional citations for verification. British children’s television series about the adventures of a small, artificially intelligent, self-driven car. Set in Birmingham, England and produced by Ragdoll Productions, Brum was first brum brum PDF in 1991 and the last live action series was broadcast in 2002.

Författare: Giorgio Bettinelli.

Le ultime avventure di un moderno vagabondo, sempre a bordo della mitica Vespa.

Brum is the story of a small replica car who ventures out into Big Town when his owner isn’t looking, and gets up to all manner of adventures. Each episode begins and ends in the same way, with Brum leaving the other cars in the motor museum when the owner’s back is turned and heading out to explore Big Town, before eventually returning to his place. Each series has had its own background music. The car can express himself in various mechanical ways including opening and closing his doors and bonnet, bobbing his suspension, and flashing and swivelling. It was therefore easy to prepare episodes for airing in other countries, and the series has been broadcast in many parts of the world and in many languages. Although later series make no direct mention of Birmingham, calling it simply Big Town, many of the city’s streets and landmarks can be seen in each episode.

The show was written by a range of writers. Anne Wood primarily wrote all the first series, while the second was written by Tom Poole, Dirk Campbell, Andrew Davenport and Morgan Hall. The last two series were written by the existing Ragdoll team. He is the only human character who appears in every episode, and the only character who is apparently oblivious to Brum’s adventures, despite finding items in the seats at the end of each episode. The actor, Mike Cavanagh, actually owned the Cotswold Motor Museum until 1999.

Brum is usually the one that foils his plans. La-Di-Dah: a posh married couple who regularly featured in the second series. Doolally: a friendly if slightly absent minded couple who regularly featured in the second series. Vicky Spoon: a regular cast member of the second series, Vicky is Brum’s special friend. Micky Mender: a handyman, a regular cast member of the second series. His favourite picture is the Gnoma Lisa. He has loads of gnomes in his garden.