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Scegliere una delle località indicate oppure specificarne le coordinate geografiche. Questo è un piccolo passo per un uomo, ma un grande balzo per l’umanità. Hungarian-born Canadian businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He was involved in a number of high-profile business ventures, including furniture and electronics company Clairtone, real budapest: 48 ore PDF company Trizec Properties, and Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold-mining corporation.

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Munk arrived in Canada in 1948, via Switzerland, initially on a student visa, then graduated from the University of Toronto, in 1952, with a degree in electrical engineering. William Jay Gutterson, he co-founded Clairtone with Scandinavian furniture importer David Gilmour. Clairtone’s downfall began with “an ill-advised plan to build a plant in Nova Scotia. After the collapse of Clairtone, Munk and Gilmour invested in a plot of ocean-front land in Fiji which they soon developed into a hotel and resort. This venture grew into the Southern Pacific Hotel Corporation, which at its peak consisted of 54 resorts in Australia and the South Pacific. In 1979, Munk returned to Canada to start a new venture called Barrick, which he would eventually build into the world’s largest gold company. In 2007, Munk invested with partners in Porto Montenegro, a former naval base on the Adriatic Sea, turning it into a superyacht destination to rival Cannes and Monte Carlo.

He was the majority shareholder of Montport Capital, which owned the centrepieces of the complex, Porto Montenegro Marina and Resort. In 1980, Munk created Barrick Petroleum to invest in the oil sector, but he quickly realized that investments in this sector were ruinous. It is the world’s largest gold mining company and the largest Canadian company by capitalization. Munk retired from the day-to-day management but he remained the founder and President Emeritus. In 1992, the Peter and Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation was founded. 300 million to a variety of organizations that work to improve the health, education and international reputation of Canadians.

Munk was a major donor to the University of Toronto, his alma mater. 5 million donation to the Fraser Institute, a think tank, to launch the Peter Munk Centre for Free Enterprise Education. 37 million, at the time the largest gift ever made to a Canadian medical institution. 25 million contributions each by the federal government and the university. University president David Naylor rejected personal attacks on donors as “a deplorable affront to the values of rational and respectful discourse that are supposed to characterize a university” and stated “I later served on the board of the University Health Network, in the years when Dr. 40 million to support the cardiovascular program at that hospital.

On September 3, 1956, Munk married Linda Joy Gutterson, the daughter of a Forest Hill pharmaceutical entrepreneur who gave Munk the start-up capital to fund his first company. Linda tracked me down with a laser beam,’ said Munk. On June 26, 1973, Munk married his second wife, Melanie Jane Bosanquet, in London with whom he had two more children. She is the cousin of Charles Palmer-Tomkinson, a British land-owner and Olympic skier. Munk died in Toronto on March 28, 2018, at the age of 90.

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