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E non mi fermo PDF

Jump to navigation Jump to search For the Fermo meteorite of 1996, see meteorite E non mi fermo PDF. Not to be confused with Ferma. Marche, Italy, in the Province of Fermo. Porto San Giorgio on the Adriatic coast railway.

Författare: Albino Pierro.

Età di lettura: da 7 anni.

8th centuries BC, belonging to the Villanovan culture or the proto-Etruscan civilization. The ancient Firmum Picenum was founded as a Latin colony, consisting of 6000 men, in 264 BC, after the conquest of the Picentes, as the local headquarters of the Roman power, to which it remained faithful. It was originally governed by five quaestors. With the Pentapolis, in the 8th century it passed under the authority of the Holy See was thenceforth subject to the vicissitudes of the March of Ancona. In 1199 it became a free city, and remained independent until 1550, when it was annexed to the Papal States.