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The Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album is an honor presented at the Grammy Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1958 and originally called the Jazz vocal basics PDF Awards, to recording artists for quality pop music albums. The honor was first presented in 1968 at the 10th Grammy Awards as Best Contemporary Album to The Beatles for Sgt. Kelly Clarkson and Adele are the only two-time winners of this award, Clarkson was the first to win twice.

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Un libro per chi ricerca informazioni utili al canto jazz, spiegazioni sulle basi teorico/armoniche, a chi vuole conoscere il glossario di base, il repertorio e altro materiale necessario per lo studio più approfondito della materia. Ma il testo sarà utile anche a chi già conosce e canta brani jazz, ma non ha mai approfondito l’armonia, le strutture, la costruzione degli accordi e i giri armonici più utilizzati. Tra i contenuti, informazioni sulle caratteristiche del suono, consigli sull’interpretazione, il blues jazzistico, le scale pentatoniche, la scala blues, i modi tratti dalla scala maggiore. e tanto altro ancora. Il CD allegato è un’utile guida alla pronuncia delle sillabe, agli esercizi in swing, alle scale e ai patterns da vocalizzare.

Clarkson and Justin Timberlake have both been nominated five times, more than any other artist. The Beatles won Best Contemporary Album in 1968 for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which also won Album of the Year. Celine Dion’s Falling into You, the 1997 winner, also won Album of the Year.

Norah Jones’s Come Away with Me, the 2003 winner, also won Album of the Year. Justin Timberlake has been nominated five times, more than any other artist. His album Justified won in 2004. Ray Charles’s final album, Genius Loves Company, won this award and Album of the Year in 2005. Kelly Clarkson was the first artist to win this award twice. Adele has won this award twice: for 21 in 2012, and for 25 in 2017.

Both albums also won Album of the Year. Taylor Swift’s 1989, the 2016 winner, also won Album of the Year. Each year is linked to the article about the Grammy Awards held that year. National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Pumpkins A Smash With 7 Grammy Nominations”. Lauryn Hill leads with 10 nominations”.

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