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German American film director, lubitsch Ernest PDF, writer, and actor. In 1946, he received an Honorary Academy Award for his distinguished contributions to the art of the motion picture.

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Berlino, 1982 – Hollywood, 1947. Il suo “tocco” è il marchio di uno stile inconfondibile. La sua leggerezza e ironia sono rimaste inimitabili. È autore delle migliori sophisticated comedies, da Mancia competente (1932) a Ninotchka (1939) e Vogliamo vivere! (1942).

In 1913, Lubitsch made his film debut as an actor in The Ideal Wife. He gradually abandoned acting to concentrate on directing. He appeared in approximately thirty films as an actor between 1912 and 1920. Lubitsch finally left Germany for Hollywood in 1922, contracted as a director by Mary Pickford.

Lubitsch seized upon the advent of talkies to direct musicals. At once elegant and ribald, sophisticated and earthy, urbane and bemused, frivolous yet profound. Lubitsch continued to specialize in comedy. In 1935, he was appointed Paramount’s production manager, thus becoming the only major Hollywood director to run a large studio. Lubitsch subsequently produced his own films and supervised the production of films of other directors. On July 27, 1935 he had married British actress Vivian Gaye. They had one daughter, Nicola Anne Patricia Lubitsch, on October 27, 1938.

When war was declared in Europe, Vivian Lubitsch and her daughter were staying in London. In 1939, Lubitsch moved to MGM, and directed Greta Garbo in Ninotchka. Garbo and Lubitsch were friendly and had hoped to work together on a movie for years, but this would be their only project. In 1940, he directed The Shop Around the Corner, an artful comedy of cross purposes. The Shop Around the Corner is among the greatest of films This is a love story about a couple too much in love with love to fall tidily into each other’s arms. Though it all works out finally, a mystery is left, plus the fear of how easily good people can miss their chances. Produced independently by Lubitsch together with Sol Lesser, it was not a commercial success.

Ernst Lubitsch’s silent film, Forbidden Paradise. In March 1947, Lubitsch was awarded a Special Academy Award for his “25-year contribution to motion pictures”. Lubitsch died of a heart attack on November 30, 1947 in Hollywood. Leaving Lubitsch’s funeral, Billy Wilder ruefully said, “No more Lubitsch. William Wyler responded, “Worse than that. Wilder had a sign over his office door, which read “How would Lubitsch do it?

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