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This article needs additional citations for verification. A shaggy God story is a story in a minor science fiction genre that attempts to explain Biblical concepts with science fiction tropes. The term was coined by writer and critic Brian W. A typical shaggy God story might feature a pair of astronauts odissea PDF on a lush and virgin world and in the last line their names are revealed as Adam and Eve.

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The television show The Twilight Zone used several versions of this, the most notable being “Probe 7, Over and Out”. The creation of the term is often misattributed to Michael Moorcock. Moorcock edited the issue of New Worlds where Aldiss coined the term in a pseudonymous column. It has been suggested that many assumed Moorcock to be the author of the column.

The shaggy god story is the bane of magazine editors, who get approximately one story a week set in a garden of Eden spelt Ee-Duhn. The genre is also listed as a cliché in the Science Fiction Writers of America’s Turkey City Lexicon and David Langford’s SFX magazine column on same. Shaggy God themes can be seen as an effort to harmonize religious accounts about the origin of human beings with science fiction tropes such as alien races, interstellar travel, genetic manipulation, the uplift of primitive races and man’s place in the galactic life cycle. 2001: A Space Odyssey was called this by film critic John Simon.

Star Child suggests Adam and Eve and the dawn of new man. Archived September 24, 2006, at the Wayback Machine. L’epica fra mito e storia, da Omero a Virgilio presentazione in power point di Maria Giulia Poggi, a cura del prof. US-amerikanischer Thriller aus dem Jahr 1994. Der elfjährige Mark Sway und sein jüngerer Bruder Ricky beobachten zufällig, wie der Rechtsanwalt Jerome Clifford Selbstmord begeht.

Clifford, der für die Mafia arbeitete, verrät Mark vor seinem Tod, wo die Leiche eines ermordeten Senators versteckt wurde. Mark sucht einen Anwalt und wendet sich trotz großer Skepsis an eine Rechtsanwältin, Reggie Love. Diese legt sich daraufhin mit dem Bundesstaatsanwalt Foltrigg an, der mit nicht ganz legalen Mitteln eine Aussage von Mark erzwingen will. Marks Mutter Dianne ist wenig begeistert über die wachsende Bindung der Anwältin zu Mark und meint, die Anwältin würde versuchen, ihr den Sohn wegzunehmen.