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Dreaming My Dreams is the twenty-second studio album by country music singer Waylon Jennings. The album was co-produced with Jack Only in my Dreams PDF and recorded at Glaser Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, between February and July 1974.

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Following the 1972 renewal of his contract with RCA Records, Jennings gained artistic freedom, started to produce his own records, and changed his image to one inspired by the ongoing outlaw movement. Jennings left the recording studios of RCA and moved his operation to the Glaser Sound Studio. After producer Clement married Jennings’ sister-in-law and they became acquainted, Jennings was inspired to record an album upon hearing Allen Reynolds singing “Dreaming My Dreams with You” during a demo session hosted by Clement. In 1972, Jennings’ new manager Neil Reshen renegotiated the artist’s contract with RCA Records. Under the new deal, Jennings received complete artistic control over his output. Recording at RCA’s Nashville studios with the label’s personnel did not please Jennings.

During the sessions for the album This Time, he moved his operation to Glaser Sound Studio. RCA initially refused to release the record, citing their agreement with the Engineers Union. Dreaming My Dreams is the only Jennings album produced by “Cowboy” Jack Clement, an eccentric ex-Marine and former bluegrass sideman who was Sam Phillips right-hand man at Sun Records, producing Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. In an era when most Nashville producers favored formulas over creativity, Clement viewed the studio as a painter viewed a blank canvas. To him, even the most whimsical or uncommon ideas were worth trying. Like Phillips, he favored an organic approach: recording singer and musicians together, live, in the studio and overdubbing only when necessary. Anything else, he felt, robbed a performance of soul and spontaneity.

Although Jennings was at the forefront of “progressive” country music during this time, many of the songs on Dreaming My Dreams is rooted in the past, with Jennings celebrating his musical heroes and the cowboy tradition. This is an unabashedly romantic album, not just in its love songs, but in its tributes to Waylon’s heroes. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way’ opens and ‘Bob Wills Is Still the King’ closes the album – making Jennings an heir apparent to their legacies. With its relentless four-on-the-floor rhythm, phased guitars, and eerie drums, ‘Hank’ didn’t sound like a standard country song. There was no clear-cut verse and chorus, no fiddle middle break, no bridge, nothing but an endless back-and-forth seesaw between two chords. Jack mixed the guitars together so they sounded like one huge instrument, matching their equalization settings so you couldn’t tell where one blended into the other.

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way” backed with “Bob Wills Is Still The King”, was released in August 1974, and topped the Hot Country Singles chart, while “Dreaming My Dreams with You,” backed with “Waymore’s Blues,” peaked at number ten on that chart. Waylon Jennings: One Cowboy Who Needs No Help With His Hits”. Wrong’s What I Do Best: Hard Country Music and Contemporary Culture. The music and the musicians: from the beginnings to the ’90s. All Music Guide to Country: The Definitive Guide to Country Music.

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