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Cover for the vinyl version of Option B PDF Paralysis. Cover for the digipak version of Option Paralysis.

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Option Paralysis is the fourth studio album by American mathcore band The Dillinger Escape Plan, released on March 23, 2010. After having fulfilled their contract with Relapse Records, the band released the album through Party Smasher Inc. Option Paralysis debuted at number 78 on the Billboard 200 with 7,100 units sold. The Dillinger Escape Plan announced their departure from Relapse Records in 2009. They had become dissatisfied with the music industry and music media, and decided to create their own record label to release their fourth studio album. The band created their own imprint Party Smasher Inc.

Rather it was one that was written to address an issue the band feel keenly”. In April 2010, Ben Weinman told Kerrang! There is no underground anymore because everything is homogenized and coming through the same filter. There are far fewer instances of certain circumstances affecting specific scenes, music and culture. Furthermore, a website for the record was set up, linking to all of the studio update videos and demo snippets. In February, the album was made available for pre-orders through the Season of Mist e-shop. It was available in a variety of formats, including a box set, Digipak, black vinyl and transparent vinyl.

A white vinyl was later made available through Relapse Records. In an interview, Jeff Tuttle revealed that the album cover features photographs and images that the members captured themselves. Option Paralysis was released to overall critical acclaim. 100, or universal acclaim, on aggregate review site Metacritic.

Option Paralysis was very well received by the public. On Rate Your Music the album has an average rating of 3. 44 of 5, based on more than 1,750 ratings, and on Sputnikmusic the album has an “excellent” average rating of 4. 1 votes in the 2010 Pitchfork Readers’ Poll. The Dillinger Escape Plan: Option Paralysis Album Review”. The Dillinger Escape Plan: Option Paralysis First-Week Sales Revealed”. New Dillinger Escape Plan Album to Hit Early 2010 on New Label”.

So, Dillinger Escape Plan have left relapse”. In-Store Session with guitarist Ben Weinman”. Cleveland, Ohio: Alternative Press Magazines Inc. Farewell, Mona Lisa: The Dillinger Escape Plan”. The Dillinger Escape Plan remain predictably unpredictable on Option Paralysis”. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Red Flag Media Inc.

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