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The series tells the story of Ryo Utsugi, a student who finds himself in the body of an ancient demon known paradiso Divina commedia a fumetti PDF Dante and sees himself in the middle of a conflict between God and the devils. During 1971, Nagai wrote the original Demon Lord Dante manga, which was published in Kodansha’s Bokura Magazine. The series ran from January to June, but it ended prematurely because of the magazine discontinuation. He has been repeatedly having nightmares about demons.

Författare: Francesco Fatatis.

Because of this, he cannot sleep well the day before he goes on a trip into the mountains. There, Ryo follows a voice who proclaims himself to be “Dante, the King of Devils” and ends up falling from a cliff. As he falls, he unconsciously teleports to the Himalayas with his psychic powers. Unaware of Dante’s resurrection, a group of Satanists kidnap a female student to sacrifice her to revive Dante in a Black Mass.

Dante flies to Nagoya, where he is confronted by the Army after he crushes buildings and kills people. Ryo notices his consciousness is in Dante’s body, but he still kills the Army’s soldiers. Zenon is defeated but before while dying he says he wanted to fight God but he was afraid to do it. Zenon trusts Dante this task, saying Dante should assemble a demon army.

The other day Ryo returns home in his human form and goes to school. When a student is murdered, Ryo suspects it was a demon’s deed and wonders if the culprit is himself. But at night he sees a demon attacking a human and kills it by transforming himself into a half demon, half human figure. During the same night, a Medusa-like demon appears in the city. Medusa reveals Ryo that God is an energy-based monster who once destroyed the high-tech Sodom where they lived as lovers.

God wanted Earth inhabitants’ bodies but as Dante denied to comply it God attacked the city. Dante, Medusa, and some others turned into demons by absorbing God’s power. God also attacked Gomorrah and its survivors, the last actual humans in existence, became the Satanists. After this, God divided himself into pieces and took residence in apes that evolved to the current “human” race. Defeated by God and sealed in the Himalayas, Dante transferred his human body and soul to Judas Iscariot and Ryo Utsugi respectively to be reborn two thousand years later. The story ends as Dante reassembles his demon army and is prepared to destroy humankind. As the manga ended in a cliffhanger and never developed some characters, the anime staff had to create new storylines for most of them.

Dante’s mentor in Sodom and the latter as Sodom and Gomorrah’s ruler. Zenon’s past is related in anime, while in the manga it is only vaguely mentioned. While in the manga all Satanists are humans, in the anime its leaders are demons in human form. The Satanists orchestrate a chain of events to lure Ryo into the mountains, while in the manga he goes by his own desire.

Plotwise, Ryo and Saori’s relationship is more developed, and it is implied as a romantic one. However, Ryo is not really her brother as his birth family was killed in a car accident and he was adopted by Kosuke. While he appears as the leader of the cult dedicated to God’s Will in the manga, Kosuke is only portrayed as biodemic in the anime. This becomes a plot point when he biogenetically develops demons to fight for God. This alliance with demons cause Sosuke to enter in existential crisis and ultimately leads him to kill Kosuke and die. The major difference is the end.

God returns and gathers the pieces of itself within humans to reform, as the humans ultimately destroy themselves, while taking Saori to make her the ultimate weapon under his control to smite all the demons. Ryo succeeds in destroying the first form which was a large serpent featuring Adam and Eve, she transforms into an angelic knight with Saori’s body placed in its forehead. She battles Ryo fiercely before managing to break God’s hold over her. The concept of Demon Lord Dante is inspired by Nagai’s contact with a Gustave Doré-illustrated version of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The manga was materialized during 1971 through its serialization in Kodansha’s Bokura Magazine from the January issue to the June issue. However, the magazine went defunct and the story ended incomplete. Nagai started a reboot series to complete the unfinished story in the March 2002 issue of Kodansha’s Magazine Z. September 2003 and January 2004 issues. Book Japan through its site on August 9, 2013. LEED’s Kyofu no Yakata DX magazine. The series was collected into 8 volumes published between 1994 and 1996, and it features new characters and Boy’s Love.