SA. Special A Vol. 17 PDF

SA. Special A Vol. 17 PDF of these vehicles were sold under the Toyopet name. The SA was Toyota’s first true post war design.

Författare: Maki Minami.

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The body was aerodynamic in a style similar to the Volkswagen Beetle. Only a two-door sedan was made, making it unsuitable for the taxi market. Although permission to begin full production of passenger cars in Japan was not granted until 1949, limited numbers of cars were permitted to be built from 1947, and the Toyota SA was one such car. The first car to be produced by Toyota in the postwar period was the AC, which had first been produced in 1943-1944. Fifty were built for government and military use in 1947, and three more were assembled in 1948. Eighteen SA cars were built in 1948, and from 1949 to 1952, 193 more were built.

This model introduced the Type S straight-4 water-cooled engine, conventionally mounted in the front of the car and driving through the rear wheels. Two small grills at the front allowed air for the engine’s radiator. More unconventional was the use of a backbone chassis and four-wheel independent suspension. A light truck using the running gear from the SA but with a ladder chassis and solid axles front and rear, both with semi-elliptical springs. The SB was popular with the general public and also with the American occupation forces, which ordered it in large numbers.