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This year’s report examines the global health situation and some of the major threats to health in today’s world. Drawing on many the Shaping of the News PDF, the report suggests that major improvements in health for everybody are within reach, and that progress depends on collaboration among governments, international institutions, the private sector and civil society to build stronger health systems. Download the World health report These files are Adobe PDF files. You will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Författare: Flavia Cavaliere.

Did you ever wonder if education has a role to play in stemming the obesity epidemic sweeping across all OECD countries? Or what the impact of increasing urbanisation might be on our schools, families, and communities? Or whether new technologies really are fundamentally changing the way our children think and learn? Trends Shaping Education examines major trends affecting the future of education and sets the background on upcoming challenges for policy makers and education providers alike. This work does not give conclusive answers: it is not an analytical report nor is it a statistical compendium, and it is certainly not a statement of OECD policy on these different developments.